Who We Are

Goblin Dynamics is a pair of Army veterans and middle-class hobos providing a variety of products and services within the tactical and firearms market.  This includes Market Research and Product Development services, and patches. Since the former requires a bunch of NDA's, we'll assume you're here for the patches.

Founded during the potentially-still-ongoing Corona Virus pandemic, Goblin Dynamics is a disruptive force in the tactical lifestyle industry. By running counter to tactical lifestyle industry trends, we establish thought leadership in key market niches. (I'm done writing corporate press releases -Nico)


Former signal corps turned military contractor, consultant and EMT. The actual expert in a wide variety of topics; from firearms, trauma care, radio communication, and... ahem, "enhanced interrogation". Graduate of several training courses that are probably completely uninteresting to y'all.


A former infantryman riding the GI Bill through grad school and handling the business operations. Not actually that good at shooting, but knows how to lay in an ambush, call for fire, set up a platoon-level machine gun base of fire, and ruck twelve miles in full gear while blacked out. A bunch of useless skills in the real world, but good stories. More likely to appear in front of the camera.


Goblin Dynamics
425 N Boundary St #485
Williamsburg, VA 23185