East India Trading Company Embroidered Patch

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A embroidered cloth version of our original East India Trading Company IR Patch, this patch measures 3.5x2" (flag patch size) and features hook backing.

Pirate flags are pretty done to death, especially that "Blackbeard" horned-devil-with-hourglass-poking-a-heart-with-a-spear one. That was pretty neat when the SEALs did it; less so when everyone else did it too. The (British) East India Company was one of the largest international organizations of its day, establishing many of the basics of global logistics, expeditionary military endeavors, and a private army and fleet. Its employees would often refer to it familiarly as "John Company".

Of course, this design is fictional.  If you're curious, the actual Honorable (British) East India Company's ensign looked a lot like the Hawaiian flag. Then again, the "Blackbeard flag" is also a 20th century fabrication, so who's counting?

I leave you with the original exhortation:
Go Do Goblin Shit for John Company.
As copied by Administrative Results!