Task Force Grifter Flag Patch

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Our second patch, and definitely not a tongue in cheek joke, these are handmade in the US and individually serialized. Hook and loop backed with 3M Velcro-brand Velcro. 3M Scotch-brand front lamination.

We're gonna go ahead and offer the Hi-Point warranty on these. Show me your ruined one, and I'll remake it with a (REPLACEMENT) tag. Except the grift shot, fuck you I'm not getting shot for another one.


Problem was, when Nico was making these in our sweatshop, he made a duplicate Number 4. So naturally, being a responsible sweatshop operator, I promptly shot him as punishment. We smeared the marking pigment from the sim round on the patch before lamination, and this special patch (along with the spent simmunition case and pellet) can be yours!

(Only one goblin was harmed in the making of these patches.)